Japanese chitter chatter hits Barnsley!

The inaugural Pecha Kucha Barnsley night hit the Digital Media Centre on June 30th with a bit of a bang!

Experienced Pecha Kucha devotees and PKN virgins mingled and enjoyed presentations in the original 20×20 format on topics as diverse as African American authors, journalism in a digital age and Morris Dancing (complete with music and clogs).

(Creative Barnsley director Julie Roberts www.twitter.com/julies_cr8tve tries her hand at a presentation)

Pecha Kucha  – pronounced either ‘pahcha kercha’ or ‘petcha kootcha’ depending on your inclination involves a selection of speakers making bright and brief presentations showing 20 slides for just 20 seconds each. The 20×20 format devised by Klein Dytham Architecture in Tokyo back in 2003 means that no-one speaks for longer than six minutes and 40 seconds, and we all enjoy a rich and random variety of presentations featuring personal projects, passions and ideas. The format was designed to encourage designers, artists and architects to share their work in a controlled format (as we all know that once you get a creative talking…) with fast and fun content.

Pecha Kucha Nights are already well-established in Huddersfield, Sheffield, Manchester, London and over 300 towns and cities around the world – see www.pecha-kucha.org to find out more. As part of Enterprising Barnsley’s creative networking programme, this second Barnsley event is our own creative business community’s opportunity to get together, share news, knowledge and views and build potentially valuable new relationships by having a good old chat. Pecha Kucha literally translates as ‘the sound of chatter’.

This first event saw a number of collaborations initiated and relationships built. Look out for design and web projects coming out of the connections made. It’s a new format for networking, and not the traditional idea of business networking but let’s face it, if you work in the creative sector the suit and tie and hard-sell format holds little appeal! By finding out a little bit more about people’s motivation behind their work, or their unexpected side interests, you can find common ground or interesting topics to talk about and lose that awkward ‘hello my name is…’ kind of moment.

The events are free for now – next one is August 25th again at the Digital Media Centre – but elsewhere the organisers charge a small fee. Let us know what you think – would you still come along if you had to pay?

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